Better just make a post....

 Cats love TJ's knock-off Corona!

Cats love TJ's knock-off Corona!

I could feel myself already getting into the habit of never ever ever posting here, so I'm just going to fart out some words. I suppose Halloween is a fine topic, as it's just ended. I finally watched The Exorcist for the first time, and you know, it really holds up! Who knew that this movie classic was really good! Oh, everyone. 

I also handed out candy to the neighborhood kids for what seemed like the first time in my life. It was all very domestic and nice, and seeing as I live around the corner from the "Thriller" house, the neighborhood is a real 'destination' (read: sugar-fueled child shit show). I'm surprised overenthusiastic high-school dance teams don't go there and dance in the street every single Halloween ever. No accounting for taste, I guess. 

Feel-good note: Lots of little girls dressing as Master Chief, Ghostbusters, and Stormtroopers this year, which really did warm my heart. If there has been one tangible upside to Hollywood drowning our culture in rehashes, its seeing some of these old gender norms start to melt down. Granted, not sure I saw many little boys dressed as Frozen princesses, but we'll get there someday. 

Ok that's good enough for now. Until next time! Excelsior!

- J.R.R. Tolkien