Relax and love the bomb

Well, shit. This is about as big of a disaster as I thought I'd ever live through. Maybe the world coming to pieces really is going to be the 21st century. Damn...that's rough. 

I'm still in shock. I'm only starting to be able to fully allow the reality sink in that real-estate mogul, full-time sleaze bucket and alleged child-molester Donald Trump is going to be the President of the United States. It's a shame too, Obama had gotten me used to the idea that the president could be someone who wasn't an infamous joke. 

I'm in the bargaining phase of grief. I'm saying "maybe Trump will turn out to be that moderate that I thought he was at the beginning of the primaries", or "maybe he won't really pull out of the Paris treaty, do his followers REALLY care about that?", or even "what damage can he do in 2 years before we get the Senate back! That'll stop the bleeding!" I want to believe these things right now, because the alternative is far, far, far too grim. 

My main struggle now, aside from trying to heal my brain from very real PTSD-like symptoms, is this period of reflection I now face. What could I have done to prevent this? Sure, I tweeted and such, but that is truly useless. What could I have done, been doing for years, forever even, that would have helped prevent this? Is there something I could have done to help economically devastated manufacturing towns - something that could have prevented generally-ok-but-completely-out-of-touch white folks from giving in to despair, conspiracy theories and xenophobia? Perhaps there was something I could be doing to help economic development in historically suppressed communities - something that could help break up the cycle of poverty and mistrust and anger that is so widespread. 

I know people like silly musicals, but fuck, what the hell have I been doing? 

While watching the election results roll in - when things started turning for the worse - I made somewhat of a vow. I said that if Trump won, I would quit my life, go back to school, and make something of myself. Do something that mattered.

I guess that shouldn't be too hard!