Another post

Damn. Damn Damn Damn. I didn't blog for like 2 months. The point of this blog was to encourage me NOT to not blog for 2 months. Old habits, I guess.

Well, just a quick update: I'm studying to take the GRE's. Give myself some options, you know? 4 years straight of not booking Wisconsin Lotto commercials coupled with the election of the worst piece of shit in our history makes a guy question things. After seeing La La Land I was hoping that some producer who was secretly in the audience of 'The Digger' would give me a huge movie part, but it hasn't happened yet. Weird. 

Side note: I never knew that if the sum of a numbers component integers was divisible by 3 that the number itself was also divisible by 3. Did you guys know that? I feel like a dumb-dumb for not knowing that.

Hmm. What going to hell...OH! I know! Go watch "OJ: Made in America". Holy shit is that good. I don't know the average age of the 4 people reading this because I haven't bothered throwing analytics on the site, but I'm guessing that it's low enough that you'll learn a hell of a lot that you didn't know. Real American history, people!  Also in the consumables category, I'm just finishing up reading The Chronicles of Amber (which Jim Povolo left on my dining room table when he went back to Chicago). They're some pretty good old-school fantasy novels that have a detective bent to them. I dunno how they hold up for people raised on these hungry games sappy dating novels, but go for it if you've got time to kill,

Also I'm going to small claims court tomorrow! That'll be fun. Some guy ripped me off so I have to try to put the screws to him. I'm going to speak in my best Jimmy Stewart voice the whole time, which will definitely endear me to everyone in the room. 

Ok thats enough for now. Excelsior, dearest reader!